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Does Chinquapin Oaks HOA pay income taxes?
Only on investment income. As a non-profit homeowners association, we must file IRS Form 1120-H annually. You can find copies under the "Documents" section on the navigation pane, on the left side of the home page. We pay no taxes on funds received from homeowners. However, to the extent that those funds earn interest or investment income, we pay tax on that investment income. Currently our filings are handled by a CPA hired by the HOA.
Is membership at Traditions Golf & Country Club required?
Yes. Just as with all real estate owners in the Traditions subdivsiion, our Declaration requires that each Villa owner also be a member of the Cub. The required membership is the lowest level, a social membership, with low monthly dues. Traditions Golf & Country Club has agreed to waive the social membership initiation fee for owners of newly built homes on Chinquapin Court.
What day is trash picked up?
On Thursdays. Please remember that storage of your trashcan cannot be visible from Chinquapin Court except for Wednesday evening through Thursday evening. If there is an issue with timing for you, please contact your HOA manager.
What does the annual maintenance fee cover?
In general, your monthly maintenance fee covers street maintenance, street light maintenance, grounds maintenance on common areas, including irrigation system care and testing and exterior pest control, ad valorem taxes on common areas, utilities for common areas (water and electricity), gate maintenance, general liability insurance, gate property insurance, professional liability insurance, accounting, legal and bank charges. At some point in the future, we may consider establishing a sinking fund for long-term maintenance issues such as street light repairs/replacement and street repairs. No sinking fund exists at this time.
What insurance does the HOA carry?
The HOA carries general liability insurance, professional liability insurance on your board of directors and manager, and property insurance for the gate.
How do I report a maintenance problem I observe in the common areas?
Please email This is the fastest way to ensure your message is received.
Are Chinquapin Court HOA members also subject to the Traditions HOA fees?
Yes. Since Chinquapin Court is a privately-owned street, we must maintain our own street, streetlights, gate, and common areas. Our monthly HOA dues pay for that. The annual HOA dues paid to Traditions are with respect to the subdivision as a whole.